Cadsys Engineering Business Group  
    Management Team

Chandra Shekhar N

Chandra is director at CADSYS India Limited and is in charge of the Engineering Business Group. With over 3 Decades of Engineering & Project Management experience across various verticals in the Building Industry, Chandra has been instrumental in the continuous growth of CADSYS across geographical boundaries.

Harish Rangacharya

Harish is the Managing Director of CADSYS India Ltd. An IIT Alumni heads the entire group's operations including the other verticals of GIS & Information Technology. He holds a masters in structural engineering and has a passion for technology integration within the group verticals.


Ramani is the Chief technical advisor for CADSYS. A Post Graduate in Chemical Engineering with over 4 decades of Design and Corporate Management Experience, is a sought after specialist in process design and engineering and frequently presents technical papers in international conferences.

Jeevan Mundiwale

Jeevan Mundiwale heads the Architecture & BIM services at CADSYS and manages our Design Team across the globe. An NIT Alumni and a LEED accredited professional with over 3 Decades of Indian & International Experience ensures that our buildings are designed to exceed client's expectations.